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Jacques Méhard, Guitar

Lord Tracy

Julien Boisseau

Olivier Hurtu Drums


JESUS VOLT is finally a teenager - 13 years old - with over 1 000 concerts worldwide clocked on the meter.
Lord Tracy (vocals and harmonica), Jacques Méhard (guitar), Julien Boisseau (bass) and  Olivier Hurtu (drums), deliver their own brand of heavy Rock’n’Roll based on the unshakeable foundation of 40’s and 50’s Blues through to 70’s Funk.
With hands on the heartbeat of music in this 21st century, JESUS VOLT dares to put various styles in the ring: Hip-Hop, Blues, Electro sampling and Hard Rock riffs…
If we begin the story with the albums, Jesus Volt's first opus, "Always Drunk, Never Sad", released in 2000, positioned the group as part of the New Rock Blues genre.

In 2003, after having met Jean Marie Aerts (Arno, Beverly Jo Scott, Urban Dance Squad), they recorded "Electro Button Funky Coxxx" with this artistic director who led them across their musical boundaries for a flirtation with electro and funk.

Then in 2004; while touring in Australia, the group crosses paths with Tony Cohen, the producer of the likes of Nick Cave, Sacred Cowboys, Michael Hutchance amongst others.  Having caught Tony Cohen’s eye, the group’s third album « In Stereo » would be recorded under this Aussie’s direct command. Guests such as « DJ COOK » from the band « Ripley » on scratches and beats; Boney Fields (BB King, Luther Alison) on trumpet and back-up; Nicolas Liesnard on keyboards and Frédéric Girard on percussion all left their shared mark embedded in the album. « In Stereo » would be warmly received by press and public alike.